Andreae Team becomes Aerem 


We are extremely excited to announce that we are rebranding our company with a new name, logo, and website.


As of today, we are no longer Andreae Team but Aerem.


This new corporate identity will allow the Group to dissociate itself from the Andreae Filters brand and thus express itself in a unified way, on behalf of all of its brands: Andreae Filters, EcoFilters, FloorPaper and others to come.




“Aerem” (“pure air” in latin) is the expression of cleaned up air. This is exactly our aim to satisfy most of the filtration needs generated by the use of a spray booth.


A simpler and more modern logo.


Without scorning the past, but by building on it, this new design combines simplicity and sobriety, while being modern. A new clean and efficient logo.


The tagline “To filter & protect”‘ remains the root of our mission.


This change supports the new Group’s ambition: to affirm its position by becoming an international multi-brand company focused on the global finishing industry with a wide variety of renowned and innovative filtration and protection products.


It seems like a big change but our commitment to optimizing the experience of our partners and to deliver always better performing quality exhaust filtration products have not changed.


Every day, we will continue to be focused on their needs and build a long-term partnership, based on professionalism, understanding and mutual trust. 


We are excited to embark on this journey and wish you a good exploration on our new website!


The Aerem team