A spray booth in operation is a dangerous unhealthy environment. Therefore it is extremely important to protect one’s respiratory system, skin and other vital parts with high-quality personal protective equipment products designed for an industrial environment.

That’s why we are proud to launch our new brand of protective equipment for industrial applications: 

EFAS PROTECT provides a disposable range of protective products including masks, coveralls, gloves, earplugs, shoes covers, hair covers and goggles. In order to build a brand gathering the full range of protective products, our surface protective solution ‘’Easy Kleen’’ (ex Floor Paper) has been added to our EFAS PROTECT line of products.


As a first step we are launching our range of disposable masks certified and tested by an accredited laboratory: FFP2 and KN95. More protective than surgical masks, they protect wearer’s from harmful dust, mist and fumes ranging from large droplets to small particles down to 0.3 micron.

Two types of disposable masks are available with a minimum filtration efficiency of 95%.

Our masks are produced in our new Hô Chi Minh City (Vietnam) plant which will ensure proper inventory at our other plants for a fast stock delivery to our distributors.


Stay tuned! Our other products to come soon…

Visit our website and get more information

We look forward to working with you!

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