AEREM focuses on its customers and partners needs in the finishing industry. Every relationship is a privileged partnership based on professionalism, dialog and trust. Delivering the best service with performant, environmentally friendly quality products easy to dispose of is our commitment since 1963.

We are the inventor of the notorious Andreae design and our mission is to develop, manufacture and supply high performant filtration and protection products for spray booths that aim to keep a clean and safe working environment while enhancing the spray booths productivity.


AEREMs ambition is to affirm its position by becoming an international multi-brand company focused on the global finishing industry with a wide variety of renowned and innovative filtration and protection products.


AEREM is above all a work of men and women united around the world for the success of the Group. They all share the same values ​​in a solidarity and caring climate. 


Protecting the environment is the responsibility of everyone. AEREM uses recycled raw materials in all of its products. Our sharply tuned and performant production processes results in low waste and low energy consumption.


We seriously consider the need to protect the operator and provide a secure working environment through our products and services. This is why our filters are free of polluting or toxic products. They can be stored, handled and incinerated or landfilled safely.


We treat others with respect and comply with all internal and external norms and regulations.
We strive to act with transparency and honesty.


Because all our customers are important, our priority is to support them in their projects, build and maintain a long-term partnership to be able to bring the answers adapted to each need.

Over 900 distributors around the world trust us.


Aerem is a selfie of multiculturalism and diversity. Our teams are made of men and women of different languages, cultures and origins. It is in this spirit of openness and diversity that we seek to build a partnership with you.




Mr. Erhard Charles Andreae, 55 years old, an independent mechanical engineer in the field of surface treatment for 25 years, patents a particle filter for paint booths, collapsible, disposable, made of cardboard and operating on the principle of inertia separation.

Andreae Filters is founded. Filters are hand made in a garage at a rate of 6m2 per day. E-C. Andreae sells door to door in Switzerland.

The Binks Manufacturing Company, the US and World No. 1 paint booth manufacturer, buys Bullows and is interested in the Andreae filter. Exclusivity is granted to Binks for all of its subsidiaries around the world, which will give Andreae Filters an instant global notoriety as Binks launches worldwide the “Binks-Andreae” spray booth line.

Mr. Robert Andreae purchases Andreae Filters. The production tool is modernized and improved, the internal organization is restructured to enhance internal cooperation.

R. Andreae founds Andreae Filters Inc. in Ardmore, USA to better serve the US market and forecast the end of the BINKS exclusivity.

USA and Swiss companies are both renamed:

Andreae Team Inc., USA and Andreae Team SA, Switzerland.

Andreae Team USA moves to a new bigger building in Ardmore, USA

As the historic factory of Switzerland becomes too small, production is moved to Poland in bigger facilities. This new location provides Andreae Team with direct and more competitive access to western and eastern European markets.

Acquisition of the historic Binks filter production in Scotland from Carlisle Fluid Technologies with its customer base and the use of the “Binks” brand under licence as far as filters are concerned only.

The US Ardmore plant becomes too small for coming new products, all production lines are moved to Montreal, Canada, into larger premises, closer to major cardboard suppliers, at the gateway to an international port, facilitating access to North and South American markets as well as Asia.


Andreae Team Ltd Hong-Kong sales office is opened.
Andreae Team Pte Ltd Singapore warehouse is opened.

Andreae Team celebrates the 55th anniversary of the invention of Andreae Filters and the founding of the company.

Andreae Team becomes AEREM


Aerem launches the uCube solution.

Ucube using the technology of inertial separation and was developed to use the best of the existing and recyclable raw
materials, namely cardboard and polyester.

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