Why cardboard spray booth filters are more efficient than fiberglass filters?

When it comes to choosing a filter for your spray booth activity, having several options to choose from can make the decision more overwhelming than anticipated. Most industrials, though, end up at the same crossroads: fiberglass filters or cardboard pleated filters.


The two most important factors are cost and the performance – Industrials want their filters to effectively control overspray without having to pay a fortune for it. Fiberglass filters are the cheaper option, but buying filters based solely on the initial price does not guarantee performance for your paint activity.

Handling of cardboard filters is easier and safer for operators as Andreae filters are made with 100% natural, recycled paper and water-based glues, all being biodegradable. Media, such as fibreglass, can be an irritant to both skin and breathing.



For more info, discover our range of pleated cardboard filters Andreae and contact one of our representative located in your region. 

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