Spray booth maintenance: 3 ways to keep your booth clean and secure!

The maintenance of your spray booth is a process that should not be ignore. A regular booth maintenance will ensure a safe and efficient working environment and extend the life of your spray booth. Well-maintained filters ensure clean air enters the booth and efficiently remove overspray particles and mist from exhaust air. Having a clogged spray booth filter can limit the airflow inside the booth, ruin spray paint quality but also push for the booth fans to work harder, thus impacting its efficiency and service life.

This is why we recommend you to replace the filters at recommended intervals by regularly checking the condition of the filters by seeing if these are filled with dirt or by checking automatically with a velocity meter or a manometer.

Then, when the booth is not in use, keep in mind to keep the paint booth doors closed (if it is a closed booth) and not leave unnecessary objects inside to limit the accumulation of dust.

Also, the spraying work must be carefully protected because of overspray soak up on the floors and walls of your booth which could damage these.

This is why, before the spraying, we recommend installing a protective paper dedicated for spray booths surfaces. Once the painting process is complete, simply remove the paper and replace it…your surfaces remain clean! Upstream maintenance and optimization of the spray booth will improve the quality of your work and ensure the safety of your operators against the risks of poisoning, fire and explosion.

Aerem can work with you to design an effective schedule to maintain your booth’s performance while keeping cost efficiency in mind.

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