What are the advantages of an accordion designed paint filter?

Accordion filter paper is designed to capture paint and lacquer overspray. They are constituted by two layers of cardboard, perforated and pleated, glued together in such a way to create “V”shaped separation cells.


  • 1. Optimum inertia separation: the front wall prevents bounce back of overspray while the back wall captures the overspray in deep holding pockets outside the airflow resulting in continuous exhaust.


  • 2. Constant airflow in the booth: the airflow is evenly distributed over the whole extraction surface of the booth and the airflow stays constant during the loading phase. Polyester, mesh, and fiberglass face load causing the airflow to deviate toward the peripheral areas of the exhaust wall.


  • 3. Large capture areas without reducing the air passage: unlike other pockets, accordion filters retain overspray in pockets out of the airstream. This principle maintains low static pressure and results in a larger holding capacity.


  • 4. Long lifetime: the long lifetime of pleated cardboard separators comes from its large inner cell volume available for the paint articles within the cell. This type of filter lasts 3-5 times longer than other filter medias

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