What are the types of airflow in a paint booth?

Paint spray booths can be separated into many different type classifications based on the method in which the air flow through the booth is handled, filtered and directed.


Air enter through intake in the door or corner columns and is exhausted at the opposing end of the cabin.


Air enters through the opening and flows into the exhaust bank.


Air enters through intake filters in the ceiling and is exhausted through the rear of the cabin.


The air enters through the rear wall or doors, the air passes and is exhausted through the exchaust filters located in the corners at the front of the booth.

Full downdraft

The air enter the booth from the ceiling through intake filters and then flow downward. Most common are pit style booths that utilize an excavated pit and tunnel system to draw air from the centre portion of the booth floor. Also quite common are raised floor or “basement” style booths that draw air through grating in the booth floor.

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